Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Temporary Blog Stop

Thanks for stopping by!

I am sorry to say that for now the Bounced Blessings Blog will be out of service.

Life has dealt some pretty tough punches of late....We are handling them well, over here in the kingdom, but they have caused me to re-evaluate and re-direct, yet again.

I always say endings are really just beginnings....so I am beginning again.

I have stopped creating the children's clothes, that I love so much but I have found away to stay close to the creative folks I love!

Visit me over at my facebook page Sweet Tea & Shopping to keep up with my new direction and focus!

Thanks for all the support and love you have shown me in the past - I hope you will share my new endeavor with an equal amount of enthusiasm!

Keep Bouncing!


Monday, August 13, 2012


It Has Been An Emotional Couple of Weeks Around Here. . . 
The Kind With Extreme Highs & Lows.

The Kind Where You Can't "Fix" The Issue,
You Just Pray & Know The Answers Will Come In God's Time.

Seems That When Wally & The Beav Had An Issue
June Would Send Ward To "Speak" With The Boys.
Once Gathered, He Would Review The Problem,
Tell Them How To Proceed,
And The Results Would Always Be Just As He Predicted!

"Ain't Life Grand!!"

Well, it just doesn't work like that around here!

My children are considerably older than Wally & the "Beav"
Life is considerably more complicated
than it was "back in the day"
At ages 29, 22, 18 ~
My "babies" face challenges that
the Cleaver Boys never dreamed of

At the moment, our beautiful daughter is
facing some pretty big decisions & challenges.
She is an adult, the decisions are hers to make.
As her mom, the fear, anxiety, and apprehension
are mine to bear! 

So I ask you . . . 

June & Ward Always Seemed To Know Just What To Say...
As I children get older, which seems to happen way before parents are ready,
it often takes 2, 3, sometimes 4 times to find the right words.

June & Ward Never Seemed Uncertain About What To Do ~
How To Help?
We Are, More Often Than Not
It seems that certain is just not a word in our vocabulary these days!

June & Ward Never Seemed To Pray . . .
Looking Up For Guidance, Direction, Peace & Protection.
We Do!!!!
And I Mean Often!

How Wonderful That The Greatest Parent Of All Time Is Just A Whisper Away!
When Life Is Running Smooth & Coming Up Roses,
I Can Whisper To Him
A Prayer Of Thankfulness & Appreciation,
Knowing That The Joy & Calm Are Gifts Flowing Directly From Him.

During Times Of Uncertainty, I Turn To Him, As Well.
Asking For Guidance,
Knowing That If I Listen Carefully,
He Will Put The Words & Directions
Into My Mouth & My Heart!

What A Wonderful Reassurance For Any Parent!
Particularly For This Imperfect One!

I Gotta Tell Ya, I Never Saw June Or Ward
"Rest On" That Simple Truth. . . 
What A Comfort They Were Missing!

I Lean On The Heavenly Father All The Time,
Thoughts & Prayers of Gratefulness,
Request For Guidance & Direction,
And Acknowledgements Of His Power & Glory!

So, You See...
I Don't Wanna Be June Cleaver
I Never Saw June Pray
(maybe Grace before dinner)
And I Can Hardly Make It Through An Entire Hour
Without Sending Up A Li'l Chat!

I Am Sorry June Missed Out On, What I Think,
Is One Of The Best Parenting Tools Of All Time...

But, I Am So Thankful That I Have It As My
First Plan Of Attack, Defense, & Maintenance!

When Parenting Gets Tough,
The Right Plan Or Direction Is Unclear,
Just Remember To Turn The Best Parenting Mentor Of All Time,
Send Up A Little Prayer!

Remember To Keep Bouncing Blessings To Those Around You!

Have A Great Week!


Monday, August 6, 2012

"I Don't Want To Be June Cleaver, Do You???" - Part 3

I apologize for not providing yesterday's
"I Don't Wanna Be June Cleaver, Do You???" Entry.
But, here's the rub....
June & Ward seemed to be able to
address and correct/solve any of
life's issues, problems, or concerns
with very little effort and
absolutely zero residual emotional turmoil,
in no more than thirty minutes.

On the other hand, I live in a full-time reality show kinda world
and am unable to do much more than
grab a snack & fold a load of laundry
in a thirty minute time frame.

This is particularly true when I am feeling
a bit stressed, overwhelmed or helpless,
Like Now...

June & Ward May Have Had The Perfect Life....
Me Not So Much.

Today is a new day -
My life still won't be perfect and
I still won't have all the answers
But That's Okay - It's A Good Life - A Blessed Life!

I was thrilled when I read yesterday's guest post by 
Lauren from mercyINK
It Was "Spot On" For Me!

I relaxed a bit after I read it...
It's Okay If Today's Series Entry Is Really Not Much of An Entry At All

No One Is Perfect. . .Not Even June Cleaver!

Come On Back Next Sunday-
I Promise A Better Post!

For Now, I Gotta Bounce!