About Me

A Daughter, An Only Child, An Adoptee,
A Fire Fighter's Wife,
Mother Of 3 Cherished Children, 
Grandmother Of 4 Adorable "Babies",
A Sister-In-Law, Daughter-In-Law, & Mother-In-Law,
Sometime-Mother To The Teenage Son's Girlfriend, 
Caregiver To A Chronically-Ill Young Adult Child,
Daughter Of A Widowed Alzheimer's Patient,
A Christian, A Friend, A Creative Spirit, An Old Soul, A Displaced Hippy,
 A Giver, A Taker, A Perfectionist,
A Fierce Competitor, A Wounded Spirit, A Determined Survivor,
A Believer In The Power of Prayer & Modern Day Miracles,
A Fan Of Youth Sports, A Traditionalist With A Love Of Technology,
An Entrepreneur, A Child of The 70's, A Widowmaker Survivor,
A Sometimes Type-A Personality,
A Committed Defender, A Champion of Underdogs,
And So Much More. . .
However, Above All Else I Am A Child Of The Most High God

I AM WOMAN ~ HEAR ME ROAR (just teasing-I always wanted to say that) 

I Am Julia and Am So Happy You Have Decided To Visit Bounced Blessings!