Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Me . . . Talk Funny?!?

On Sunday I was lucky enough to have a friend & her husband stop by to visit.
 About 5 years ago they moved to Tennessee from Las Vegas, with their 4 children, she has a lively west coast style & speech, that when mixed with my southern attitude & drawl creates some interesting interactions.
This visit was no exception.

As we sat in the Family Room, drinking coffee and talking about everything from our aging parents to our teenage children, I noticed the two of them locking eyes with a giggle, on more than one occasion.
Of course, I am thinking to myself . . . What's up with these two? 

As the visit was winding down, we were all sharing the shoulda. . . coulda. . . woulda's of our to-do lists when I shamefully admitted my day had been filled with idleness and procrastination by stating "I have not hit a lick at a snake" all day.
That did it!  Their eyes locked and they erupted in laughter.
Again, what is going on?
My friend recognized my puzzled look, collected herself, and began to explain.  "I love to hear you talk, you just crack me up".
 Hear me talk?  What does that mean, thinking to myself. . . she is obviously the one who talks funny, right?  You would think after five years in the south she would be used to the drawl?
Her husband interceded with, "She just loves the crazy things you say, we talk about them all the time."
More quizzical looks, from me.
 Again he offers, "Like hit a lick at a snake, the southern-isms are just so funny!"

Ahhhh, at that point the light came on for me!
I suppose I do use some fairly colorful southern-isms when I am speaking,
particularly when I am relaxed.
Oh well, that's just me!
I am proud to be part of the GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) group and
I love sharing my southern traditions and perspective,
if it brings a smile to someone's face along the way, all the better!

Something else hit me at that moment . . .This is the answer to my blogging apprehension, If I will just relax and write like I speak, instead of like an English 1010 paper, you will probably enjoy it more and get to know me faster.  There ya have it - Presto-Changeo - Back to Shootin' From The Hip with No Holds Barred!

I am looking forward to trying on this new style . . . Let me know what ya think!
I would love to hear your comments along the way!

In the meantime - I Gotta Bounce!
Pillows & Aprons are on the Cutting Table!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Friday Night There Was A Impromptu Staff Meeting At The Main Office of Bounced Blessings
Two Members (Glen & Owen) Of The Satellite Team, As Well As The C-E-O & The C-O-O Were In Attendance.
(Translation – Glen & Owen Had A Sleepover at NeeNee & Pop’s)
In An Effort to Minimize Clutter, Chaos & Craziness We Gathered At The Conference (Breakfast) Table For A Bit Of Crafting Fun With Ink, Stamps, Bags, Burlap & Ribbon.

2-Year-Old Owen Was Diligent In His Efforts to Design The Perfect Valentine’s Day Goody Bag!
Mission Accomplished!  I Think He Has A Bright Future In Creating!

Of Course, Everyone Participated … 
Including Myself, The C-E-O, And The Hubby, Our C-O-O
Our Final Result?  A Precious Valentine's Day Table Mat –

I Added Stemmed Votives, Romantic Rose Cottage by Clayworks and A Fabric Applique Postcard (a creation from many years ago) Then. . . 
BAM . . .  Blessing Bounced!
The Perfect Set-up For My Breakfast Table!
Want To See More Photos or Create Your Own Valentine's Mat?

Prefer That Bounced Blessings Do The Work For You?
No Problem . . . Check Out The Creations Page For Details.

Well, I Gotta Bounce . . . 
My Prince Charming Is Waiting To Share Coffee Time In The Den . . .
I Don't Wanna Miss Out On That!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Who Is Bounced Blessings - Meet the "Staff"

Every Happy & Successful Person Owes A Debt To A Fantastic Staff/Support Team.
Well, Let It Be Known That I Am Much Happier Than I Deserve
(verdict is still out on the successful part)
And, Without A Doubt The Majority Of My Happiness
Comes Directly From My Support Team!
Seems As This Journey Into Blog-land Begins You Might Like To Meet Them . . .

My Full-Timers . . .
They eat most of their meals at my table, they get the majority of their spending money from the household funds, their laundry clutters the top of my machine, they sleep the majority of their nights under my roof and there isn’t a day that goes by that they don’t make my heart smile!

(L to R) Taylor (middle child), Travis (youngest child), Malia (Trav’s girlfriend) and most importantly, Michael (My Prince Charming).

This Incredible (extremely handsome) Group Staffs The Satellite Location!
What A Phenomenal Bunch They Are, Too!
Lead By The Eldest Female They Fill Their Days (and nights) With Chaos, Craziness, Love & Joyous Noise
When They Visit The Main Office (NeeNee’s  house) They Bring A Quantity of Activity & Love That Words Cannot Describe.  They Are A Group Filled With A Contagious Zest For Life!
(Front Row L to R) Eric (son-in-law), Marlie, Santa (visits the main office annually), Owen, & Glen
(Back Row L to R) Jace and Brandi (oldest child, best friend, entrepreneur & fearless leader/coordinator/trainer/CFO)

On A Rare Occasion The Entire “Staff” Is Available To Gather For A Special Event!
On This Particular Day (Thanksgiving, 2011) We Were Only Missing Eric, Maybe Next Year!
In Case You Are Wondering, Yes. . .That Is Me In The Middle
(hmmm, maybe I need to investigate weight watchers)

No Venture Is Complete or Successful Without A Bit Of Inspiration . . .
Mom (Nana) & Dad (Pa) Fill That Role.
At Nearly 85-Years-Old Dad is Active & Full of Life!
We Lost Our Beloved Nana on Jan 1, 2011.
Her Legacy and Example (true southern lady & family matriarch) Guide Me Each & Every Day.
If I Live To Be 110 I Could Only Dream To Be The Person She Was!

So There You Have It . . . Aren’t They Wonderful!
How Lucky & Blessed Am I?
They Bring Joy & Peace To My Heart 
When We Gather, Things Blessings Certainly Bounce!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blessings & Treasures

Thanks for stopping by the New Home of Bounced Blessings!

I am excited to share this journey of creating, discovering & sharing with each of you!

It is my hope that the Blessings & Treasures will be free-flowing & plentiful!

I encourage you to remember . . .Treasures are not just material possessions
. . . some of my greatest ones are memories.

Grab a cup of coffee, settle in and enjoy some treasure time with me!

See Ya Soon . . . I Gotta Bounce!

Friday, January 20, 2012

More Beginnings Than Endings

Someone once told me that if you have more beginnings than endings, you are ahead of most!

My life has certainly had it's fair share of changes.  Strange though, when I reflect they always seem to come to me as beginnings, starts and restarts, full of opportunity and adventure!

Today is no exception . . . A Wonderful, New Beginning . . . The initial unveiling of Bounced Blessings!

I considered waiting until everything (Facebook Page, On-Line Retail, Blog Design) was just so-so but, I have changed my mind.  It seems to me the best way to share myself is to invite you along as I make the journey of developing Bounced Blessings.

I Am Thrilled You Stopped By & Hope You Will Join Me As I Navigate My Way Through This Crazy & Sometimes Chaotic Life, All The While Creating and Discovering A Variety of Treasures & Tales to Share.

Oh . . .In Case You Are Wondering About The Name . . . 

Bounced Blessings = It Blessed Me and I Am Happily Bouncing it Forward to Bless You!