Friday, June 15, 2012

Do You Know Her???

I Received This Card In The Mail Last Week . . . 
A Thank You For A Small Hostess Gift
The Note Was Appreciative, Complimentary & Very Sweet

But The Most Important Part Is The Envelope.
Did You Look Carefully?
Check Out That Return Address & Recipient?
I Was Crying Tears Of Laughter Before I Even Got It Open.

Of Course, I Recognized The Return Address Immediately.
It Was From My Friend - My Friend Of Many Years
But More Than That, She Is A Friend Of My Heart.

Do You Know Her?

She Is A Friend Who Knows The Ugly Parts Of My Past
And Isn't Afraid Of The Ugly Parts Of My Future.
She Is A Friend Who Is The Same In Good Times And Bad
Who Doesn't Change When Time Slips Past & Neither Of  Us Make Time To Catch Up.
She Is A Friend Who Will Hold My Hand When I Am Scared
Whisper Words Of Encouragement When I Am Down.
She Is A Friend Who Isn't Afraid To Laugh Out Loud
At Herself or At Me
She Is A Friend Who Loves Me, Inside & Out
Beginning To End.

Do You Know Her?

Of Course You Know Her!
Her Name May Be Sue, Joan, Cindy, or Madame Butterfly
Whatever Her Name, However Long It's Been-
Don't Wait Another Minute
Tell Her What She Is To You . . .
Call Her, Write Her, Pay Her A Visit.

You Know Her!!!
And You Know Your World Is A Better Place With Her In It!

The Background For This Post -

As You May (or May Not) Know Since November, 2011
My Life Seems To Have Been A Series of Milestone Moments, Rolling Through At Rapid Fire Pace.
Most Of These Events Have Not Been Of A Joyous Nature,
But There Have Been A Few That Were Quite Celebratory!
It Was One Of Those Joyous Milestones That Brought About A Friendship Re-Connection Of Grand Proportions.

There Was A Time When These Eight Folks Rarely Went
24 Hours Without Face-to-Face Contact

We Were A...
Living-Large Group

Oh, The Stories We Can Tell!

Perhaps The Best Way To Explain The Depth Of These Friendships Is To Share A FB Caption Placed With These Photos, By My 29-Year-Old Daughter, Who Was A Pre-Teen During Those Years . . .
"They Say, "It Takes A Village To Raise A Child"
Folks...This Was MY Village
Yes, This Group Raised Me...
Explains A Lot, huh?!?
I Love All Of You!!!!

It Is Those Less Than Joyous Milestones That Have Caused Me To Examine Life's Blessings With New Eyes.
I Have A Renewed Appreciation For So Many Simple Things
The Sound Of A Friend's Laughter
The Warmth Of Their Company
The Security and Stability Of True Love & Friendship
And Perhaps Most Importantly, The Value Of Each & Every Friendship...
Whether New or Old ~ Near or Far
Each Is Priceless!

So, I Ask You Again...

Do You Know Her?
Reach & Out And Connect (or Re-Connect)
You Won't Be Sorry!

One More Thing -

To The Seven People Surrounding Me In The Photos Above


To All My Friends Not Pictured Above


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot & Spicy Flatbread Sandwich . . . It's What's For Dinner!

There is a standing joke at my house that revolves around me & grocery store samples!
My family thinks it is brutally honest & hilarious...
Me ~ I weigh-in at moderately humorous.

Anyway, this is a recipe from one of my
recent sampling adventures!

Follow Along As I Create The Super-Yummy Grilled Sandwich,
I Served Last Evening!

The Hot & Spicy

Start With 1 Package/Two Pieces of Flatbread -
I use Stonefire All Natural Garlic
Certainly There Is No Rule Regarding Brand or Seasoning

Spread One Side, Of One Piece, Of Flatbread With
Honey Mustard
Again, Brand of Your Choosing!
Can You Guess Where I Shop For Groceries (and samples)?

Top Honey Mustard Coated Bread With Jerk Turkey
From The Deli Case
I Always Select Boar's Head Brand,
It's Just My Personal Preference

 Cover The Jerk Turkey With A Layer of
3 Pepper Colby Jack Cheese
Yes, I Forgot To Take The Final Photo Of This Phase,
So Very Sorry.
Do You Have Any Idea How Intimidating It Is To Have A Group of  Hungry Teenagers Staring At You?

Time To Add The Second & Final Layer of Meat,
Boar's Head Blackened Turkey Breast

Top With Second Flatbread
And Spread With A Thin Coat Of Mayonnaise
Now, Don't Turn Your Nose Up To The Mayo -
The Taste Disappears And It Helps Create A Nice Toasty Bread

 Transfer The Sandwich, Mayo Side DOWN,
To Your Handy Dandy Grill, Griddle Or Whatever You Use,
At Your House
Clearly, I Use A Foreman
Once You Have The Sandwich On The Grill,
Add The Thin Coat Of Mayo To The Top Side
Close Grill And Press Down
Grill Until Cheese Begins To Melt & Bread Is Toasted

Remove Sandwich - Cut Into 2 to 4 Servings
Based On Individual Appetite
Serve With Chips, Pasta Salad . . .
Or Whatever You Have On Hand
We Sure Did!!!!

A Never Claimed To Be A Cooking Instructor
So Here Are A Few Side Notes...
  • Each Layer Equals 5 Slices of Product
  • Ask That Meat & Cheese Be Sliced On #1 Setting
  • Pre-Heat Cooking Appliance To Medium, 350*, or Just Plain Hot
  • To Toast Bread & Melt Cheese At A More Equal Rate, Apply Light Pressure To The Lid of Grill While Cooking
  • If You Have Difficulty Fitting Entire Sandwich Into Your Grill - Cut Into Portions, Prior To Cooking
  • Serve With Cool or Cold Side Dishes - The Sandwich Is VERY Spicy
  • Serving Option - After Grilling Sandwich Cut Into Appetizer Size Portions For A Great Party Food

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Design . . . Renewed Excitement . . . New Frustration

The New Graphics Have Arrived And I Am So Very Excited!

Things Are Beginning To Take Shape -

Loaded The New Facebook Cover Photo
Installed The New Grab A Button Graphic
Selected Some Fun New Blog Fonts (Permanent Marker & Cherry Cream Soda)
Installed A New Favicon
Even Added A Fun Border From Shabby Blogs
AND On Top Of All That . . . I Planned A Giveaway for Tomorrow Night.

Still Have Things To Do . . . 
Color Selections, Font Sizes, Blah, Blah, Blah . . .

Only One Problem . . . My Blog Banner Refuses To Center!

More Accurately, I Can't Seem To Determine How To Instruct It To Center.

As My Babies Said, When They Were Small, "I Coe Sad".

Suggestions?????  I Would Be Very Appreciative!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finding Myself

I've Been Away For Quite A While . . . For That I Apologize!

It Has Been A Busy Time Around Here . . .

#2 Grandson Played His First Season of Youth Baseball
Go Phillies!

#3 Grandson Celebrated His 3rd Birthday  

#1 Granddaughter Turned Two!

Youngest Son (#3) Graduated From High School


I Reconnected With Some Friends - Way To Much Time Apart!

#1 Daughter Turned 29!

#2 Grandson Graduated From Kindergarten

My Prince Charming Got A New Toy
(don't tell but I am enjoying it too!)

#2 Son Celebrated His 22nd Birthday

And Dad Continues To Be In Perpetual Motion, Despite The Alzheimer's,
At Age 84

As For Me . . . I Have Been In A "Find Myself" Phase
At 48-Years-Old You Would Think I Had Already Found Myself, Right?

Well, Here Is The Quick Answer. . . 
I Have - More Than Once!
However, I Am A Firm Believer In The Philosophy That We Must Be
Ever Learning, Ever Growing, & Always Re-Inventing Ourselves.
Of Course, That Conflicts A Bit With My Other Philosophy ~
When Times Get Tough Or Confusing ~ 

That Is Just What I Am Doing & It Is Working Out GREAT!

I Have Put A Plan In Motion For Bounced Blessings!
New Graphic Design, Different Approach & Some Great New Products
All Handcrafted By Me - Doing What I Know Best!

Hope You Will Join Me Over The Next Few Weeks
As Bounced Blessings Unfolds Anew!

Until Then - Remember To Keep Bouncing!