Monday, July 30, 2012

It's A Big Day!!!

It's A Big Day Here In My Little Corner Of The World!

My Very First Sidebar Ad Is Appearing On
One Of My Favorite Blogs

Lena's blog was one of the first blog's I began reading when I originally entered the blogging community, as a stalker.
I was, and continue to be, drawn to her style.
Her photography makes me insanely envious
and her openness makes her my kinda gal!

As If That Is Not Exciting Enough . . .

In Her Post From Yesterday,
Lena's Precious Daughter, Ruby, Can Be Seen Wearing
An Oh So Cute Maxi Dress, Created By....
Guess Who????
If You Said, Clinnie's Closet by Bounced Blessings,
You Are Spot On!

My journey into blogging and on-line sales began in January
but, is only now beginning to take shape.
It is my prayer that the Fall/Winter 2012 Clothing Line
will be the catalyst for many future Bounced Blessings!

I still love my vintage finds and will always make them available in the etsy store and on Facebook
but, I can now see the Bounced Blessings clothing lines coming together~
And For That I Am So Thankful & Blessed!

I Appreciate Each & Everyone Of You Who Take The Time To Support Bounced Blessings Through Your Encouragement, Comments, & Prayers!
You Are Each A Blessing That Has Bounced My Way!

Keep Bouncing!


Sunday, July 29, 2012

I Don't Wanna Be June Cleaver, Do You??? - Part 2

Youth Sports
Now There's A Subject For All Mom's TV or Real-Life
Like I said before - Prince Charming & I entered
the parenting game 29 years ago
Believe me when I tell ya -
that translates to A BUNCH of time spent at various youth competitions.

Our Little Princess - She Was A Cheerleader & Baton Twirler
Pretty as a living doll in those shiny uniforms and costumes
Complaining about the rollers she slept in the night before & Wearing 10 tons of make-up
(applied by me, the mom)
I am proud to say, I can still count the steps to her routine performed to the
1960's Hit -
Keep Away From Runaround Sue!


The years of cheering and twirling were sprinkled with a bit of club based pageantry, as well.
Oooohhh. . .
the dresses & the pantsuits - flouncy skirts & glittery shoes
(and the $$$$$)
We hit pay dirt when she our baby girl was crowned
Shamrock Princess!

The only problem with the crowning????
We had to provide a parade float for "The Shamrock Princess"
Really????  How Does That Work???

Oh, I did I mention...
it was smack in the middle of all this life-altering twirling, cheering and "floating" around, two months after our baby girl turned 7-years-old,
that our second crumb-snatcher came to be?
Enter, Taylor Lynn Proctor- June 10, 1990.
Now Back To Mrs. Cleaver, My Anti-Idol....
Let's Review -

Did You Ever See June (or Ward) Stay Up All Night Fighting A Bedazzler & Leotard For An Early Morning Competition The Following Day?
I promise you this, to this day Prince Charming can place a shiny stud or bead with unparalleled accuracy
How do I know?
While I was adding the final seed pearls to the dress for the upcoming event,
he was placing the accents on the leotard to be worn for the competition.
Can you imagine Ward doing anything more domestic than watering the lawn?
My Man Is The World's Greatest!
He earned his title as Prince Charming, for sure! 

Did June Ever Lead By Example At Any Of Her Children's Practices?
Brandi cried the afternoon I launched a demonstration cartwheel, as an example, for she and the other 5-year-old cheerleaders.
It was days later, when my groin was still aching,
that I cried.
The pain was a small price to pay for the look on her face when I landed on my feet!
Score One For Mom!
I never saw June go heels up for anything, did you?

Did June (& Ward) Ever Create Princess Moments From Thin Air?
We Did
Well, maybe not from thin air but...
A golf cart trailer, borrowed deacon's bench,
a reindeer made from firewood plus a few other accessories
mixed with the creative mind of a proud father and the insistence of a determined mom
can result in a fairly awesome Santa's Sleigh Parade Float For A Very Deserving Shamrock Princess!
Do You Really Think June & Ward Would Have Pulled That Off?
They would have told Wally & The Beav
that it was just to much to ask!

Unlike June, I am guilty of cartwheels in the park, painting my child's face with way to much make-up and goo, and going to ridiculous lengths to create childhood memories.
That's okay - I stand proud of my guilt...
There have been moments of glory and for those I am ever so proud,
but in the interest of full disclosure, their have been moments of failure, for sure.
When I add them all up - I can say I did the best I knew how!
My heart was in the right place and I tried.
If you are still making that perilous journey with young children, take heart!
It's not likely that you will cause them permanent physical harm - they are resilient little folks.

Our Shamrock Princess has survived my not-so-June parenting...
Just look at her now...

She is a Strong & Beautiful Young Woman, Wife & Mother!

It seems the reasons I Don't Wanna Be "June Cleaver" Are More Plentiful Than I Imagined!
Check Back Next Sunday For The Third Post In This Series,
As I Share My Life, And The Not So Parallels, To That Of
Well Known TV Mom,
"June Cleaver"
I Hope The Giggles Are Many & And The Honesty Refreshing!

In The Meantime, I Gotta Bounce!
Remember To Bounce A Blessing Every Chance Ya Get!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Don't Wanna Be June Cleaver, Do You?

Feather Your Nest. . . Create A Home. . . Build A Family
Make A Memory. . . Live In The Moment . . .Seize The Day
And All Those Other Cliches & Crap - 
Yeah, I Got...I Did My Best At It!
It Didn't Always Work Out But, We Gave It The "Old College Try",
And Looking Back - I Think We Did A Pretty Good Job,
All Things Being Equal And Considered.

I've Learned That What Really Makes The Difference Are The Steps Along The Way.
Those Are The Steps That Create Family Roots
And Fill Our Hearts With Emotion.
Truth Is, The Screw-ups, Mistakes And Accidental Moments
Have Taught Me The Most And Made Some Of The Best And Strongest Memories

For The Past 29 Years Prince Charming & I Have Been Busy Raising 3 Fantastic Children
It Has Been Quite The Ride - I Can Promise You That!

Let Me Show You . . . 

It Started With One Precious Little Girl

Blonde Hair, Blue-Grey Eyes And 100% Daddy's Girl
To Quote A True Southern Anthem, She Was...
"Wild As A Mink, Sweet As Soda Pop"
And Still Is For The Most Part!
November, 1985
Let Me Put This Photo In Perspective...
It Was Made 27 Years Ago.
The Gift Is For Prince Charming's 22nd Birthday,
I Had Celebrated My 21st Just Two Months Earlier.
That Sweet Baby In The Lace & Crinoline Was 2-1/2 Years Old.
She Turned 29, Last May!

Lemme Tell Ya This, We Knew It ALL!
Had The "Tiger By The Tail" - "Gonna Set The Woods On Fire"
We Had Love & That Was All We Needed. . .
It Was Many Years Later When We Realized,
We Didn't Even Know The Questions, Much Less The Answers!
The Joke Was On Us, For Sure!

What Does This Have To Do With Mrs. Cleaver, You Ask?
I'll Tell Ya -

June & Ward Slept In Separate Beds
We Don't
There Is An Old Saying, "Never Go To Bed Angry"
We Failed That One But, I Can Tell You This
There Is Something Reassuring About Having The Love Of Your Life Lying Next To You While You Slumber.
Even If, On That Particular Night, You Would Like Nothing More
Than To Put Your Hands Around His Neck
And Choke The Life Outta Him!
Because He Hurt Your Feelings, Pissed You Off,
Or Failed To Read Your Mind.
Honestly, I Love That Man -
More Than Life Its Self
But He's Not Perfect.

June Dressed In Semi-Formal Attire, Including Pearls, Everyday!
I Didn't & I Don't
Except For The Period Of Time I Worked In The Corporate World, I Am, And Have Always Been,
A Jeans, Shorts, Sweats & Lounging Pants Kinda Gal.
Prince Charming Doesn't Seem To Mind, Either Way, As Long As He Can Sneak A Squeeze Now & Then.
Nearly 30 Years Later, He Thinks I've "Still Got It"
As For The Pearls, Pretty Sure I Hocked Those Years Ago
To Pay A Bill Or Two.
Unlike June, I Just Don't Feel The Pressure To Look
Sunday Best, Everyday.
Thank Goodness For That!

June & Ward Never Shared A Beer On The Porch Steps,
After The Kids Were Asleep.
I Did
We Were Probably Sharing Because We Were
Down To The Last One.
Those Times Sure Did Create Some Great Moments...
We Shared Dreams, Fears, & Raw Emotion . . .
Building A Bond That Is Still Standing The Test Of Time.
I Never Saw June Or Ward Share Their Deepest Secrets,
Did You?

June Had No Idea What It Was Like To Come Down To Pennies Between Paydays
I Did
While A Squeaky Tight Budget Is Not
Something I Would Recommend, I Can Say,
It Certainly Comes With It's Own Set Of Life Lessons.
Teaching Resourcefulness, Creativeness, Sacrifice,
And The Ability To Determine Need vs. Want.
Do You Have Any Idea Just How Long A Single Roll Of Toilet Paper Can Actually Last?
June Just Told Ward The Amount & He Wrote The Check!
She Showed No Ability Or Interest In Running
A Household Budget. . .
How Silly Of Her . . . Everyone Knows Mom's Do That Best!

June & Ward Had No Idea What It Was Like To Spend Everyday With Someone Who Made Your Heart Skip A Beat Just By Walking In The Room
I Did & I Do

These Are Just A Few Of The Reasons I Don't Wanna Be "June Cleaver"!
Check Back Next Sunday For The Second Post In This Series,
As I Share My Life, And The Not So Parallels, To That Of Well Known
TV Mom,
"June Cleaver"
I Hope The Giggles Are Many & And The Honesty Refreshing!

In The Meantime, I Gotta Bounce!
Remember To Bounce A Blessing Every Chance Ya Get!


New Blog Series Begins Tonight - FINALLY!

I Am So Excited & Nervous
My New Blog Series Begins This Evening!

I Have Been Aching To Develop A Series That Would Encourage Folks To Visit & Comment On My Blog.
I Wanted To Share A Bit Of Insight Into Who I Am, Where My Life Was, Is & Will Be Going...But, The Posts Need To Be Relevant, Interesting, Funny, Inviting, & Hopefully Encouraging.

Do You See The Problem?

I'm Just Not Quite Sure I Am Any Of Those Things. . .

Old-Skool, Irreverent, Sarcastic, A Wee Bit Southern Redneck ~
All Rolled Up Into The "Neat Li'l Public Package" Of A Somewhat Spoiled Middle-Aged, Middle-Class Southern Belle.
Yep, That's Me!

Now, Do You See The Problem?

Well, Here Goes Nothing!

The Inaugural Post Of . . . 

I Don't Wanna Be June Cleaver, Do You?

Will Go Live Tonight Around 9:00pm CST.

Mr. & Mrs Ward (June) Cleaver
I Plan To Share An Honest, Retrospective Of My Life As A Wife And Parent, Over The Past 29 Years, Factoring In All The Reasons That "June Cleaver" Is A Ridiculous Role Model Who Did Not Live The Ideal Life Or Even One I Would Aspire To!

I Hope You Will Read Tonight's Post And Leave Me A Comment With Your Thoughts!

For Now, I Gotta Bounce, There Are Ruffles To Be Made
But . . . 
Ya'll Come On Back By, Later On Now, Ya Hear!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions . . .

I Have Done A Lot Of Talking About
Fall/Winter Design Roll Out!
I Am So Excited To Share, With You, The Many Styles To Be Offered By Bounced Blessings!

There Have Been A Few Sneak Peeks Along The Way!

Like The "RUBY" Maxi Dress
From Clinnie's Closet By Bounced Blessings. . . .

And The Sarah Louise Designs By Bounced Blessings
Ladies Maxi . . . 

There Are So Many More On The Table. . . 
Not To Mention, Those That
Drift Around In My Distracted Mind!
I Can't Wait To Share Them All!

Alas, Show Season Is Rolling Toward Me
At The Speed Of An Out Of Control Freight Train
Which Means I Am Feeling The Pressure To Create A Large Quantity Of On-Hand Inventory.

Just Look At That Crowd . . .2011 Southern Fried Festival
I Am Scheduled As A Vendor, The Last Week Of September
This Seems The Right Place To Review An Important Goal . . .
Build Enough On-Line Clientele To Eliminate The Show Circuit.
I Love A Good Festival,
But I Prefer To Attend With Prince Charming As One Of Those
Goofy Middle-Aged Shopper/Spectator Couples.

All The While, My First Product Review, On A Major Blog
Is Coming Up Within The Next 30 Days.
(Remember, The Earlier Post -Tests Scare Me!)
Which Means, MY BLOG Needs Attention -
As A Matter-Of-Fact,
Extreme Life-Saving Measures Might Be In Order!

So I Have Devised A Plan. . .
~Sew, Sew, Sew - Create, Create, Create
~Share Along The Way vs. A Big Splashy Roll-Out
~Offer Pre-Orders For Fall/Winter Designs
After All, Who Has Space For Next Season's Clothing?
~Make A Conscious Effort To Share What Makes Bounced Blessings
Unique & Worthy Of Your Hard Earned Pennies
~And Last But Not Least, As Always...Work On Improving My Photography Skills!

Oh!  One More Thing . . .
Having Raised Three Children On A Fireman's Salary
I Have Come To One Other Conclusion. . .
Custom Created, Trendy, & High Quality Children's Clothing
Should & Can Be Practical & Affordable!

So What Do You Think Of My Plan?
Will It Work?  Will It Help Bounced Blessings To Grow?
Most Importantly, Will It Help Me Better Serve The Families Who Support Bounced Blessings?

Are You An On-Line Consumer, An On-Line Retailer, An On-Line Artist?
I Would Love To Hear What You Think And Always Appreciate Suggestions!

For Now - I Gotta Bounce!
I Will Be Back Soon To See What Thoughts You Shared - 
So, Don't Forget To Leave Me A Comment!
Remember, Keep Bouncing!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crafting Psychiatry

I Have Read Three Blog Post This Morning!
Two Of The Three Were Directly Related!
These Post Got Me Thinking About My Week.

With Dad Cruising In Alaska,
My Time Would Be Less Susceptible To Sudden Change.
I Had High Hopes (and a lengthy mental list)!

My Mental List -
Create New Items For Bounced Blessings Fall/Winter Line
Spend Some Time With The Grands
Attend College Registration With My Baby Boy
Ship My First Item For Product Review At Mom2MemphisAndRuby
Clean Up & Organize My Desk Area
Catch Up On My Filing
Install Software I Purchased Over A Month Ago
Swap Out Spring/Summer Fabric & Replace With Fall/Winter

I Have Accomplished Much - -
Most Of Which Is Not On The List!

Monday, I Was Visited By A Broken-Hearted Young Lady.
Struggling To Find Purpose, Self-Worth, Confidence,
And Personal Success.
She Is A Bright Young Lady -
Who Will Study Sonography, Upon Entering College,
In The Fall.
While She Is Experiencing Some Typical Teenage Angst
(aka boyfriend issues)
There Is More...Her Eyes & Her Tears Tell It All
Fear, Loneliness, Lack Of Self-Confidence,
And A Deep Desire For Success.

I Am No Psychiatrist - That's For Sure, But - 
When A 17-Year-Old Child Looks You In The Eye And Says . . .

"No One In My Family Has Ever Been A Success -
They Don't Have Good Jobs, Hobbies or Interests."

Well, You Can't Ignore That!
No Way - No How!
In The Car - Directly To Hobby Lobby!

We Walked The Aisles For Nearly Two Hours.
I Pointed Out Components For Various Crafts & Creations
Explaining The Possible Use & Answering Questions.

More Than Once She Asked,
"If I Make That Will People Buy It?".
I Finally Stopped, Turned & Said - 
"Honey, We Are Looking For Something You Will Enjoy -
That Is The Only Requirement For What You Select!"
"It's About Stepping Out Of Your Norm,
Reaching For Something New -
Creating Your Own Success Factor.
If You Don't Enjoy These,
You Try A Different Project Next Time -
This Is All About YOU!"

When We Departed Hobby Lobby,
She Had 2 Wooden Frames, A Dimensional Cross,
And A Die-Cut Initial,
A Set Of Starter Brushes, A Few Embellishment Items, Several Bottles Of Acrylic Paints,
A Cute Carry/Storage Caddy, A Smile & A Glimmer Of Hope.

Crafting May Not Be The Path To Financial Success,
But It Is A Direct Route To . . . 
A Busy Mind, Productive Hands,
And A Sense Of Personal Accomplishment & Success.

Tuesday Afternoon, I Received A Pic Message, Simply Captioned...
Primer Coat Complete.

Followed By A Text That Read,
"I Think I Will Go Shopping While They Dry."

Wednesday Afternoon, The Picture Revealed
A Multi-Colored Cross And Two Frames Sporting Bright, Uplifting Colors.
The Tone Of This "Newborn" Crafter Was Brighter, Lighter & Sprinkled With A Tiny Bit Of Optimism!

I Can't Wait To See All Four Of Her Completed Pieces!

Meanwhile, I Have Accomplished A Few Items On My List -
Package Shipped - Seasonal Fabrics Swapped
Baby Boy's College Registration
And I Am Still Hopeful For Some Time With The Grands!

It's Okay Though, I Did Something Far More Important -

I Shared Myself -
What Crafting & Creating Has Meant To Me!
Sometimes A Path To Peace Of Mind,

Sometimes A Personal Success Factor,
Sometimes A Source Of Needed Income,
Sometimes A Definition Of My Inner-Self,
But Always A Source Of Happiness & Joy!

I Don't Know How This Young Woman's Love Life Will Turn Out!
I Pray That Someday, Like Me,

She Will Discover Her Prince Charming,
The One God Created Especially For Her,
Whoever That May Be.

I Don't Know If She Will Be A Lifetime Crafter Or
An Occasional Glue Gun Princess.
I Pray That She Will Remember The Sense Of Accomplishment
Those Simple Pieces Brought To Her Heart.
And That She Will Carry That With Her Always!

Nothing On A To-Do List Is Ever More Important Than Reaching Out To Hurting Soul!

I Pray That God Will Help ME Remember That Simple Truth,
When I Get All Wrapped Up In MY "Goals"
And MY "To-Do" List.
I Pray That He Will Continue To Send Me Signs & Events That Will Cause Me To Pause,
Remember What The Great Creator Has Instructed Us To Do...
Reach Out, Show Compassion & Take Action.
Even When It Means An Unfinished To-Do List.

Today, I Am Feeling So Thankful For This Young Lady,
Her Trials & Tribulations Created An Opportunity For Me To Take Inventory Of My Soul.
She Brought To Me Cause To Reflect & Recall All The Joy Crafting & Creating Has Brought To My Life
And The Lives Of Those Around Me!
Accomplishment, Friendship, Sharing & Support
I Have Been Blessed To Enjoy All These
Through My Love Of Creating.
I Hope Crafting, Creating & Decorating Have Brought Blessings To Your Life, As Well.

I Would Be Honored If You Left A Comment
Sharing A Blessing That You Have Received From Your Crafting & Creating Endeavors

For Now, I'm Gonna Check That To-Do List . . . 
My Heart Is Full Of Joy & Energy,

I Bet I Can Mark A Thing Or Two Off!

Remember Keep Bouncing!
There Is Almost Always An Opportunity To Bounce A Bless Around Every Corner!


Monday, July 16, 2012

Preserving Flowers For Next Season

Recently, I Had Someone Share With Me A Super Easy Way To Preserve Today's Foliage For Future Floral Arrangements.

I Love The Look Of Floral Arrangements All Around The House

But The Components Can Be Pricey, Right!
And I Am Gonna Need A Lot Of Floral To Replace These Spring & Summer Designs! 

So, I Have My "Chemicals" & My Super-Sized Vase,
Along With An Abundance Of Nandina, Magnolia Leaves, Etc.

Can't Wait To Give It A Try!
I Will Be Back To Share The Method Results Soon. . . 
Stay Tuned And In The Meantime. . . Keep Bouncing!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Test Scare Me!

My 7th Grade Science Teacher, Mr. Law,
Once Told My Mother,
"If I Ask Julia Every Question On The Test, She Can Answer Correctly & Without Hesitation.  But, When I Lay The Test Paper On Her Desk I Can See Her Tense & Freeze."

I Continue To Feel That Way About Test . . . Almost Any Test!

Even Medical Test . . .
I Mean Really, It's Not Like You Can Study For A Mammogram or EKG To Improve Your Final Grade.
But I Get The VERY Same "Test" Feeling!
My Mind Fills With The Same Thoughts. . .
What If I Don't Pass?
What If My Friends Think I Am Not As Smart As They Are?
What If The "Teacher" Thinks I Didn't Apply Myself?

I Know, I Know. . . How Ridiculous!
I'm A Grown Woman, Top-Of-My-Game,
Three Wonderful Children All But Grown & Out-The-Door,
Organized, Talented, Blessed By God . . . 

Uh Oh!!!
I Think I Found The Problem - I Might Be An...
(shhhh - don't tell)
With A Secret Fear Of Rejection and Failure.

Well, The Last Few Weeks Have Been Full Of Tests.

I Applied To Display & Sell My Items At Several Fall Shows/Bazaars/Festivals Throughout The Southern States, "Juried" Shows
You Know, Where You Send Them A Sample, They Evaluate Your Items And Determine If They Are "Good Enough" For Their Show.

Well, Guess What - I PASSED!
This Week I Received TWO Acceptance Letters!
The Southern Fried Festival and Downtown Bell Buckle Shows,
Both Recognized By The Southeastern Tourism Society As A Top 20 Event,
I Am Thrilled To Be A Part Of Both Events!
In The Next Few Weeks, I Will Be Receiving Another Grade...
This One In The Form Of A Product Review.
Lena, Over At Mom2MemphisAnd Ruby Will Be Reviewing
A Bounced Blessings Product.


Be Sure & Visit Her Often,
I Would Love For You To "Hold My Hand" As She Shares Her Opinion On One Of My Custom-Created Items.

In The Meantime, I Gotta Bounce. . .
There Is Much Creating To Be Done!
Gonna Need Lots Of  Pretty Things To Fill My Spaces Over The Next Few Months.

Thanks For Stopping By And Remember. . . 
Keep Bouncing!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebrate Freedom

Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Sodas, Beer, Flags, Family & Fireworks . . . 
Yep, Sounds Like An All-American July 4th Celebration!

Let's View It In Photo Form, Shall We?

Plan Carefully To Avoid Mishaps!
Andy Always Knew The Right Thing To Say, Didn't He?

Pull Out All The Red, White & Blue To Show Your Patriotic Pride!

Take The Children To The Parade
Teach Them The Meaning & Cost Of Freedom

Top Off The Day With A Big Bang
 But Let Us Not Forget The Cost Of Today's Celebration . . .

This Young Man & His Comrades Are 6 Months Into Their
Deployment to Jalalabad . . .
Their Mothers, Wives, Girlfriends, Fathers, & Friends
Have Been Holding Their Breath Since They Left
They Will Continue To Pray & Wait For 6 More Months
When Their Young Men Return To The Safety of United States Soil
Take A Minute - Reflect On These Words
And Remember....

I Wish Each Of You ~ A Wonderful Celebration of Freedom
But Most Of All, I Pray That Every Man & Woman Charged With Defending That Freedom,
Both Near & Far,
Return Safely To The Waiting Arms Of Their Family,
A Grateful Nation
A Appreciative Community

God Bless You All!