This Little Set-Up Just Makes Me Feel Good!

Precious Clayworks Cottage Lives In One Of My Glass Front Cabinet's In My Shabby Room
Sometimes I Dream Of Living In A Full Size Cabin Just Like This!

This Sweet Little Fabric Postcard is A Blast From Past Crafting Days!
A Story For Another Day!  Stay Tuned!

Wanna Make A Valentine's Day Table Mat For Your Kingdom?

Begin With A Piece of Burlap . . . Ours Was 30 x 12

Make certain you begin with a piece several inches larger than your desired finished size
Iron the burlap lightly pulling to obtain relatively straight edges.

Now for the fun part . . . The easiest way to obtain even edges with Burlap is by pulling strings from the weave . . .Don't worry that the fringe is uneven.

Once you have pulled enough strings to create a straight line on all four edges and your center solid area is the desired size - Trim the fringe to 1/2" on all sides.
At this point I ran to the sewing machine and made a straight stitch at the outside edge of my solid center.
Don't sew? No Worries!!
Just Dab on A Bit of Fray Check!

Now is the time to determine where you want your ribbon trim to be located.
Our ribbon begins 2.25 inches from the bottom fringe edge.
More String Pulling . . . Remove 2 strings from the entire length of the mat.

Almost Done - It's All Down Hill From Here . . . 
Break out the stamps or stencils, ink or paint . . . Create A Design From Your Heart!

Time To Add The 1/4"  Ribbon Trim...
Because Our Ink Was Well Above The Ribbon Line I Moved Right On!
I'm Impatient Like That, Which Resulted In Red Ink On My Hands!

Because I am stingy frugal with my supplies I never cut my ribbon from the spool,
my attempt at avoiding waste.

Remember the two threads we pulled?
Begin threading the ribbon, along the open area, beginning from either side, leaving enough excess to fold under secure at outside edge, working to the center.

 I used a pattern of over 10 threads - under 5 threads
I also used tweezers to grab the ribbon when pushing through the burlap weave.
How technical is that?
 Do You Think Revlon Might Be A Possible Blog Sponsor?

When you reach the center of the mat cut ribbon, leaving enough excess for one side of shoelace bow.
I used a Bic lighter to heat seal the edges on both ends.
Repeat the threading, cutting and burning sealing from the opposite edge.

You may have to adjust your final ribbon weave placement to get a centered position.
Once you are satisfied with the location tie a shoelace bow.

One Final Step . . . 
You will need to fold under and secure the ribbon tails we left at the outside edges.
I tacked mine on the sewing machine but the options are endless...
needle & thread, glue, or fabric-tac.

Hope You Enjoy Your Table Mat As Much As I Am!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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