Monday, August 6, 2012

"I Don't Want To Be June Cleaver, Do You???" - Part 3

I apologize for not providing yesterday's
"I Don't Wanna Be June Cleaver, Do You???" Entry.
But, here's the rub....
June & Ward seemed to be able to
address and correct/solve any of
life's issues, problems, or concerns
with very little effort and
absolutely zero residual emotional turmoil,
in no more than thirty minutes.

On the other hand, I live in a full-time reality show kinda world
and am unable to do much more than
grab a snack & fold a load of laundry
in a thirty minute time frame.

This is particularly true when I am feeling
a bit stressed, overwhelmed or helpless,
Like Now...

June & Ward May Have Had The Perfect Life....
Me Not So Much.

Today is a new day -
My life still won't be perfect and
I still won't have all the answers
But That's Okay - It's A Good Life - A Blessed Life!

I was thrilled when I read yesterday's guest post by 
Lauren from mercyINK
It Was "Spot On" For Me!

I relaxed a bit after I read it...
It's Okay If Today's Series Entry Is Really Not Much of An Entry At All

No One Is Perfect. . .Not Even June Cleaver!

Come On Back Next Sunday-
I Promise A Better Post!

For Now, I Gotta Bounce!


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