Friday, January 20, 2012

More Beginnings Than Endings

Someone once told me that if you have more beginnings than endings, you are ahead of most!

My life has certainly had it's fair share of changes.  Strange though, when I reflect they always seem to come to me as beginnings, starts and restarts, full of opportunity and adventure!

Today is no exception . . . A Wonderful, New Beginning . . . The initial unveiling of Bounced Blessings!

I considered waiting until everything (Facebook Page, On-Line Retail, Blog Design) was just so-so but, I have changed my mind.  It seems to me the best way to share myself is to invite you along as I make the journey of developing Bounced Blessings.

I Am Thrilled You Stopped By & Hope You Will Join Me As I Navigate My Way Through This Crazy & Sometimes Chaotic Life, All The While Creating and Discovering A Variety of Treasures & Tales to Share.

Oh . . .In Case You Are Wondering About The Name . . . 

Bounced Blessings = It Blessed Me and I Am Happily Bouncing it Forward to Bless You!

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