Friday, January 27, 2012

Who Is Bounced Blessings - Meet the "Staff"

Every Happy & Successful Person Owes A Debt To A Fantastic Staff/Support Team.
Well, Let It Be Known That I Am Much Happier Than I Deserve
(verdict is still out on the successful part)
And, Without A Doubt The Majority Of My Happiness
Comes Directly From My Support Team!
Seems As This Journey Into Blog-land Begins You Might Like To Meet Them . . .

My Full-Timers . . .
They eat most of their meals at my table, they get the majority of their spending money from the household funds, their laundry clutters the top of my machine, they sleep the majority of their nights under my roof and there isn’t a day that goes by that they don’t make my heart smile!

(L to R) Taylor (middle child), Travis (youngest child), Malia (Trav’s girlfriend) and most importantly, Michael (My Prince Charming).

This Incredible (extremely handsome) Group Staffs The Satellite Location!
What A Phenomenal Bunch They Are, Too!
Lead By The Eldest Female They Fill Their Days (and nights) With Chaos, Craziness, Love & Joyous Noise
When They Visit The Main Office (NeeNee’s  house) They Bring A Quantity of Activity & Love That Words Cannot Describe.  They Are A Group Filled With A Contagious Zest For Life!
(Front Row L to R) Eric (son-in-law), Marlie, Santa (visits the main office annually), Owen, & Glen
(Back Row L to R) Jace and Brandi (oldest child, best friend, entrepreneur & fearless leader/coordinator/trainer/CFO)

On A Rare Occasion The Entire “Staff” Is Available To Gather For A Special Event!
On This Particular Day (Thanksgiving, 2011) We Were Only Missing Eric, Maybe Next Year!
In Case You Are Wondering, Yes. . .That Is Me In The Middle
(hmmm, maybe I need to investigate weight watchers)

No Venture Is Complete or Successful Without A Bit Of Inspiration . . .
Mom (Nana) & Dad (Pa) Fill That Role.
At Nearly 85-Years-Old Dad is Active & Full of Life!
We Lost Our Beloved Nana on Jan 1, 2011.
Her Legacy and Example (true southern lady & family matriarch) Guide Me Each & Every Day.
If I Live To Be 110 I Could Only Dream To Be The Person She Was!

So There You Have It . . . Aren’t They Wonderful!
How Lucky & Blessed Am I?
They Bring Joy & Peace To My Heart 
When We Gather, Things Blessings Certainly Bounce!


  1. A very nice start. Looking forward to all that the future has to hold.

  2. Beautiful post! Even though I already know the "staff" it was great seeing them through your heart!

  3. My First Two Comments! I am so excited!
    I can't tell you how much I appreciate the support from the two of you!


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