Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Me . . . Talk Funny?!?

On Sunday I was lucky enough to have a friend & her husband stop by to visit.
 About 5 years ago they moved to Tennessee from Las Vegas, with their 4 children, she has a lively west coast style & speech, that when mixed with my southern attitude & drawl creates some interesting interactions.
This visit was no exception.

As we sat in the Family Room, drinking coffee and talking about everything from our aging parents to our teenage children, I noticed the two of them locking eyes with a giggle, on more than one occasion.
Of course, I am thinking to myself . . . What's up with these two? 

As the visit was winding down, we were all sharing the shoulda. . . coulda. . . woulda's of our to-do lists when I shamefully admitted my day had been filled with idleness and procrastination by stating "I have not hit a lick at a snake" all day.
That did it!  Their eyes locked and they erupted in laughter.
Again, what is going on?
My friend recognized my puzzled look, collected herself, and began to explain.  "I love to hear you talk, you just crack me up".
 Hear me talk?  What does that mean, thinking to myself. . . she is obviously the one who talks funny, right?  You would think after five years in the south she would be used to the drawl?
Her husband interceded with, "She just loves the crazy things you say, we talk about them all the time."
More quizzical looks, from me.
 Again he offers, "Like hit a lick at a snake, the southern-isms are just so funny!"

Ahhhh, at that point the light came on for me!
I suppose I do use some fairly colorful southern-isms when I am speaking,
particularly when I am relaxed.
Oh well, that's just me!
I am proud to be part of the GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) group and
I love sharing my southern traditions and perspective,
if it brings a smile to someone's face along the way, all the better!

Something else hit me at that moment . . .This is the answer to my blogging apprehension, If I will just relax and write like I speak, instead of like an English 1010 paper, you will probably enjoy it more and get to know me faster.  There ya have it - Presto-Changeo - Back to Shootin' From The Hip with No Holds Barred!

I am looking forward to trying on this new style . . . Let me know what ya think!
I would love to hear your comments along the way!

In the meantime - I Gotta Bounce!
Pillows & Aprons are on the Cutting Table!

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