Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot & Spicy Flatbread Sandwich . . . It's What's For Dinner!

There is a standing joke at my house that revolves around me & grocery store samples!
My family thinks it is brutally honest & hilarious...
Me ~ I weigh-in at moderately humorous.

Anyway, this is a recipe from one of my
recent sampling adventures!

Follow Along As I Create The Super-Yummy Grilled Sandwich,
I Served Last Evening!

The Hot & Spicy

Start With 1 Package/Two Pieces of Flatbread -
I use Stonefire All Natural Garlic
Certainly There Is No Rule Regarding Brand or Seasoning

Spread One Side, Of One Piece, Of Flatbread With
Honey Mustard
Again, Brand of Your Choosing!
Can You Guess Where I Shop For Groceries (and samples)?

Top Honey Mustard Coated Bread With Jerk Turkey
From The Deli Case
I Always Select Boar's Head Brand,
It's Just My Personal Preference

 Cover The Jerk Turkey With A Layer of
3 Pepper Colby Jack Cheese
Yes, I Forgot To Take The Final Photo Of This Phase,
So Very Sorry.
Do You Have Any Idea How Intimidating It Is To Have A Group of  Hungry Teenagers Staring At You?

Time To Add The Second & Final Layer of Meat,
Boar's Head Blackened Turkey Breast

Top With Second Flatbread
And Spread With A Thin Coat Of Mayonnaise
Now, Don't Turn Your Nose Up To The Mayo -
The Taste Disappears And It Helps Create A Nice Toasty Bread

 Transfer The Sandwich, Mayo Side DOWN,
To Your Handy Dandy Grill, Griddle Or Whatever You Use,
At Your House
Clearly, I Use A Foreman
Once You Have The Sandwich On The Grill,
Add The Thin Coat Of Mayo To The Top Side
Close Grill And Press Down
Grill Until Cheese Begins To Melt & Bread Is Toasted

Remove Sandwich - Cut Into 2 to 4 Servings
Based On Individual Appetite
Serve With Chips, Pasta Salad . . .
Or Whatever You Have On Hand
We Sure Did!!!!

A Never Claimed To Be A Cooking Instructor
So Here Are A Few Side Notes...
  • Each Layer Equals 5 Slices of Product
  • Ask That Meat & Cheese Be Sliced On #1 Setting
  • Pre-Heat Cooking Appliance To Medium, 350*, or Just Plain Hot
  • To Toast Bread & Melt Cheese At A More Equal Rate, Apply Light Pressure To The Lid of Grill While Cooking
  • If You Have Difficulty Fitting Entire Sandwich Into Your Grill - Cut Into Portions, Prior To Cooking
  • Serve With Cool or Cold Side Dishes - The Sandwich Is VERY Spicy
  • Serving Option - After Grilling Sandwich Cut Into Appetizer Size Portions For A Great Party Food

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