Friday, June 15, 2012

Do You Know Her???

I Received This Card In The Mail Last Week . . . 
A Thank You For A Small Hostess Gift
The Note Was Appreciative, Complimentary & Very Sweet

But The Most Important Part Is The Envelope.
Did You Look Carefully?
Check Out That Return Address & Recipient?
I Was Crying Tears Of Laughter Before I Even Got It Open.

Of Course, I Recognized The Return Address Immediately.
It Was From My Friend - My Friend Of Many Years
But More Than That, She Is A Friend Of My Heart.

Do You Know Her?

She Is A Friend Who Knows The Ugly Parts Of My Past
And Isn't Afraid Of The Ugly Parts Of My Future.
She Is A Friend Who Is The Same In Good Times And Bad
Who Doesn't Change When Time Slips Past & Neither Of  Us Make Time To Catch Up.
She Is A Friend Who Will Hold My Hand When I Am Scared
Whisper Words Of Encouragement When I Am Down.
She Is A Friend Who Isn't Afraid To Laugh Out Loud
At Herself or At Me
She Is A Friend Who Loves Me, Inside & Out
Beginning To End.

Do You Know Her?

Of Course You Know Her!
Her Name May Be Sue, Joan, Cindy, or Madame Butterfly
Whatever Her Name, However Long It's Been-
Don't Wait Another Minute
Tell Her What She Is To You . . .
Call Her, Write Her, Pay Her A Visit.

You Know Her!!!
And You Know Your World Is A Better Place With Her In It!

The Background For This Post -

As You May (or May Not) Know Since November, 2011
My Life Seems To Have Been A Series of Milestone Moments, Rolling Through At Rapid Fire Pace.
Most Of These Events Have Not Been Of A Joyous Nature,
But There Have Been A Few That Were Quite Celebratory!
It Was One Of Those Joyous Milestones That Brought About A Friendship Re-Connection Of Grand Proportions.

There Was A Time When These Eight Folks Rarely Went
24 Hours Without Face-to-Face Contact

We Were A...
Living-Large Group

Oh, The Stories We Can Tell!

Perhaps The Best Way To Explain The Depth Of These Friendships Is To Share A FB Caption Placed With These Photos, By My 29-Year-Old Daughter, Who Was A Pre-Teen During Those Years . . .
"They Say, "It Takes A Village To Raise A Child"
Folks...This Was MY Village
Yes, This Group Raised Me...
Explains A Lot, huh?!?
I Love All Of You!!!!

It Is Those Less Than Joyous Milestones That Have Caused Me To Examine Life's Blessings With New Eyes.
I Have A Renewed Appreciation For So Many Simple Things
The Sound Of A Friend's Laughter
The Warmth Of Their Company
The Security and Stability Of True Love & Friendship
And Perhaps Most Importantly, The Value Of Each & Every Friendship...
Whether New or Old ~ Near or Far
Each Is Priceless!

So, I Ask You Again...

Do You Know Her?
Reach & Out And Connect (or Re-Connect)
You Won't Be Sorry!

One More Thing -

To The Seven People Surrounding Me In The Photos Above


To All My Friends Not Pictured Above


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  1. My sweet friend, you are a treasure to my heart. I love you too


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