Sunday, June 10, 2012

Finding Myself

I've Been Away For Quite A While . . . For That I Apologize!

It Has Been A Busy Time Around Here . . .

#2 Grandson Played His First Season of Youth Baseball
Go Phillies!

#3 Grandson Celebrated His 3rd Birthday  

#1 Granddaughter Turned Two!

Youngest Son (#3) Graduated From High School


I Reconnected With Some Friends - Way To Much Time Apart!

#1 Daughter Turned 29!

#2 Grandson Graduated From Kindergarten

My Prince Charming Got A New Toy
(don't tell but I am enjoying it too!)

#2 Son Celebrated His 22nd Birthday

And Dad Continues To Be In Perpetual Motion, Despite The Alzheimer's,
At Age 84

As For Me . . . I Have Been In A "Find Myself" Phase
At 48-Years-Old You Would Think I Had Already Found Myself, Right?

Well, Here Is The Quick Answer. . . 
I Have - More Than Once!
However, I Am A Firm Believer In The Philosophy That We Must Be
Ever Learning, Ever Growing, & Always Re-Inventing Ourselves.
Of Course, That Conflicts A Bit With My Other Philosophy ~
When Times Get Tough Or Confusing ~ 

That Is Just What I Am Doing & It Is Working Out GREAT!

I Have Put A Plan In Motion For Bounced Blessings!
New Graphic Design, Different Approach & Some Great New Products
All Handcrafted By Me - Doing What I Know Best!

Hope You Will Join Me Over The Next Few Weeks
As Bounced Blessings Unfolds Anew!

Until Then - Remember To Keep Bouncing!

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