Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Devil Is In The Details

Happy Thursday All!

Hope your week is progressing nicely!
Mine has been filled with ups and downs, but don't most?

I have spent the last several days creating lined burlap table runners and pillows.
(pictures to come by the weekend)
In between, I have been blog-hoping and looking around local establishments for fresh inspiration and ideas.  I have come up with some wonderful new ideas that I can't wait to try!

 The unfortunate part is I find myself in a dilemma!

First the background . . .  I have been surrounded by talented seamstresses all my life!

My Grandmother – My Mother – My Aunt (She was a Home Ec Major, for crying outloud!) - My Husband’s Grandmother (somewhat of a local legend for her skill) – My Mother-In-Law – My Husband’s Aunt . . . All of these ladies could whip up just about anything you wanted in short order!

At the tender age of 11-years-old, my Mom sent me off to a form of Sewing Boot Camp aka Singer Teen Sewing Camp, located in the back room of the Singer Retail Store, at our local shopping mall.  I am proud to say that I won my first National Award with that class project.  I created a Maxi-Length (70’s/80’s term for full length) Bibbed Front Jumper.  The fabric of choice was brushed denim and it weighed a ton but I was very proud and wore it for years!

Fast Forward to today . . . All of my sewing influences shared at least one common train of thought . . . The Devil Is In The Details!  Press Seams, When in Doubt – Line It, If The Seam Puckers – Remove & Re-Do, Miter – Don’t Fold, French Seam Instead of Serge, Notches MUST Match Up, Top Stitching is Your Crown In Glory – Do It With Pride, Close Enough Is NOT Good Enough, Seams Should Never Show, Pucker or Pull . . . The list goes on and on.

Now the Dilemma . . . These sewing mantras do not seem to apply in the current decorator market!  If you are not a seamstress you would probably never notice the difference . . . for the most part they are invisible to the end user.  However, they do add to the life expectancy and durability of the finished product.  Not to mention the fact that they haunt my dreams, and cause crippling guilt, if I fail to observe them.  

So what are your thoughts . . . Do I need to just relax and reduce the pressure I place on myself?

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