Sunday, July 22, 2012

I Don't Wanna Be June Cleaver, Do You?

Feather Your Nest. . . Create A Home. . . Build A Family
Make A Memory. . . Live In The Moment . . .Seize The Day
And All Those Other Cliches & Crap - 
Yeah, I Got...I Did My Best At It!
It Didn't Always Work Out But, We Gave It The "Old College Try",
And Looking Back - I Think We Did A Pretty Good Job,
All Things Being Equal And Considered.

I've Learned That What Really Makes The Difference Are The Steps Along The Way.
Those Are The Steps That Create Family Roots
And Fill Our Hearts With Emotion.
Truth Is, The Screw-ups, Mistakes And Accidental Moments
Have Taught Me The Most And Made Some Of The Best And Strongest Memories

For The Past 29 Years Prince Charming & I Have Been Busy Raising 3 Fantastic Children
It Has Been Quite The Ride - I Can Promise You That!

Let Me Show You . . . 

It Started With One Precious Little Girl

Blonde Hair, Blue-Grey Eyes And 100% Daddy's Girl
To Quote A True Southern Anthem, She Was...
"Wild As A Mink, Sweet As Soda Pop"
And Still Is For The Most Part!
November, 1985
Let Me Put This Photo In Perspective...
It Was Made 27 Years Ago.
The Gift Is For Prince Charming's 22nd Birthday,
I Had Celebrated My 21st Just Two Months Earlier.
That Sweet Baby In The Lace & Crinoline Was 2-1/2 Years Old.
She Turned 29, Last May!

Lemme Tell Ya This, We Knew It ALL!
Had The "Tiger By The Tail" - "Gonna Set The Woods On Fire"
We Had Love & That Was All We Needed. . .
It Was Many Years Later When We Realized,
We Didn't Even Know The Questions, Much Less The Answers!
The Joke Was On Us, For Sure!

What Does This Have To Do With Mrs. Cleaver, You Ask?
I'll Tell Ya -

June & Ward Slept In Separate Beds
We Don't
There Is An Old Saying, "Never Go To Bed Angry"
We Failed That One But, I Can Tell You This
There Is Something Reassuring About Having The Love Of Your Life Lying Next To You While You Slumber.
Even If, On That Particular Night, You Would Like Nothing More
Than To Put Your Hands Around His Neck
And Choke The Life Outta Him!
Because He Hurt Your Feelings, Pissed You Off,
Or Failed To Read Your Mind.
Honestly, I Love That Man -
More Than Life Its Self
But He's Not Perfect.

June Dressed In Semi-Formal Attire, Including Pearls, Everyday!
I Didn't & I Don't
Except For The Period Of Time I Worked In The Corporate World, I Am, And Have Always Been,
A Jeans, Shorts, Sweats & Lounging Pants Kinda Gal.
Prince Charming Doesn't Seem To Mind, Either Way, As Long As He Can Sneak A Squeeze Now & Then.
Nearly 30 Years Later, He Thinks I've "Still Got It"
As For The Pearls, Pretty Sure I Hocked Those Years Ago
To Pay A Bill Or Two.
Unlike June, I Just Don't Feel The Pressure To Look
Sunday Best, Everyday.
Thank Goodness For That!

June & Ward Never Shared A Beer On The Porch Steps,
After The Kids Were Asleep.
I Did
We Were Probably Sharing Because We Were
Down To The Last One.
Those Times Sure Did Create Some Great Moments...
We Shared Dreams, Fears, & Raw Emotion . . .
Building A Bond That Is Still Standing The Test Of Time.
I Never Saw June Or Ward Share Their Deepest Secrets,
Did You?

June Had No Idea What It Was Like To Come Down To Pennies Between Paydays
I Did
While A Squeaky Tight Budget Is Not
Something I Would Recommend, I Can Say,
It Certainly Comes With It's Own Set Of Life Lessons.
Teaching Resourcefulness, Creativeness, Sacrifice,
And The Ability To Determine Need vs. Want.
Do You Have Any Idea Just How Long A Single Roll Of Toilet Paper Can Actually Last?
June Just Told Ward The Amount & He Wrote The Check!
She Showed No Ability Or Interest In Running
A Household Budget. . .
How Silly Of Her . . . Everyone Knows Mom's Do That Best!

June & Ward Had No Idea What It Was Like To Spend Everyday With Someone Who Made Your Heart Skip A Beat Just By Walking In The Room
I Did & I Do

These Are Just A Few Of The Reasons I Don't Wanna Be "June Cleaver"!
Check Back Next Sunday For The Second Post In This Series,
As I Share My Life, And The Not So Parallels, To That Of Well Known
TV Mom,
"June Cleaver"
I Hope The Giggles Are Many & And The Honesty Refreshing!

In The Meantime, I Gotta Bounce!
Remember To Bounce A Blessing Every Chance Ya Get!



  1. So cute and original, Julia! Loved reading your "little story." Actually, I always wanted to be just like June. I love pearls and I always wanted to be a housewife. Wow, were other plans in store for me- I'm just saying!

  2. Thanks So Much, Lisa! I Can't Tell You How Much I Appreciate The Blog Support & Comment!

    Once Upon A Time, Long Long Ago, In A Land Far Away...I thought "June" Was Where I Wanted To Be!

    So Glad God Rerouted Me To The Not-So-June, I Have Become! I Love My Perfectly, Imperfect Life - Wouldn't Trade It For All The "Pearls In Mayfield"

    Be Sure To Check back Next Week For More Of Me & June!


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