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I Don't Wanna Be June Cleaver, Do You??? - Part 2

Youth Sports
Now There's A Subject For All Mom's TV or Real-Life
Like I said before - Prince Charming & I entered
the parenting game 29 years ago
Believe me when I tell ya -
that translates to A BUNCH of time spent at various youth competitions.

Our Little Princess - She Was A Cheerleader & Baton Twirler
Pretty as a living doll in those shiny uniforms and costumes
Complaining about the rollers she slept in the night before & Wearing 10 tons of make-up
(applied by me, the mom)
I am proud to say, I can still count the steps to her routine performed to the
1960's Hit -
Keep Away From Runaround Sue!


The years of cheering and twirling were sprinkled with a bit of club based pageantry, as well.
Oooohhh. . .
the dresses & the pantsuits - flouncy skirts & glittery shoes
(and the $$$$$)
We hit pay dirt when she our baby girl was crowned
Shamrock Princess!

The only problem with the crowning????
We had to provide a parade float for "The Shamrock Princess"
Really????  How Does That Work???

Oh, I did I mention...
it was smack in the middle of all this life-altering twirling, cheering and "floating" around, two months after our baby girl turned 7-years-old,
that our second crumb-snatcher came to be?
Enter, Taylor Lynn Proctor- June 10, 1990.
Now Back To Mrs. Cleaver, My Anti-Idol....
Let's Review -

Did You Ever See June (or Ward) Stay Up All Night Fighting A Bedazzler & Leotard For An Early Morning Competition The Following Day?
I promise you this, to this day Prince Charming can place a shiny stud or bead with unparalleled accuracy
How do I know?
While I was adding the final seed pearls to the dress for the upcoming event,
he was placing the accents on the leotard to be worn for the competition.
Can you imagine Ward doing anything more domestic than watering the lawn?
My Man Is The World's Greatest!
He earned his title as Prince Charming, for sure! 

Did June Ever Lead By Example At Any Of Her Children's Practices?
Brandi cried the afternoon I launched a demonstration cartwheel, as an example, for she and the other 5-year-old cheerleaders.
It was days later, when my groin was still aching,
that I cried.
The pain was a small price to pay for the look on her face when I landed on my feet!
Score One For Mom!
I never saw June go heels up for anything, did you?

Did June (& Ward) Ever Create Princess Moments From Thin Air?
We Did
Well, maybe not from thin air but...
A golf cart trailer, borrowed deacon's bench,
a reindeer made from firewood plus a few other accessories
mixed with the creative mind of a proud father and the insistence of a determined mom
can result in a fairly awesome Santa's Sleigh Parade Float For A Very Deserving Shamrock Princess!
Do You Really Think June & Ward Would Have Pulled That Off?
They would have told Wally & The Beav
that it was just to much to ask!

Unlike June, I am guilty of cartwheels in the park, painting my child's face with way to much make-up and goo, and going to ridiculous lengths to create childhood memories.
That's okay - I stand proud of my guilt...
There have been moments of glory and for those I am ever so proud,
but in the interest of full disclosure, their have been moments of failure, for sure.
When I add them all up - I can say I did the best I knew how!
My heart was in the right place and I tried.
If you are still making that perilous journey with young children, take heart!
It's not likely that you will cause them permanent physical harm - they are resilient little folks.

Our Shamrock Princess has survived my not-so-June parenting...
Just look at her now...

She is a Strong & Beautiful Young Woman, Wife & Mother!

It seems the reasons I Don't Wanna Be "June Cleaver" Are More Plentiful Than I Imagined!
Check Back Next Sunday For The Third Post In This Series,
As I Share My Life, And The Not So Parallels, To That Of
Well Known TV Mom,
"June Cleaver"
I Hope The Giggles Are Many & And The Honesty Refreshing!

In The Meantime, I Gotta Bounce!
Remember To Bounce A Blessing Every Chance Ya Get!


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