Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crafting Psychiatry

I Have Read Three Blog Post This Morning!
Two Of The Three Were Directly Related!
These Post Got Me Thinking About My Week.

With Dad Cruising In Alaska,
My Time Would Be Less Susceptible To Sudden Change.
I Had High Hopes (and a lengthy mental list)!

My Mental List -
Create New Items For Bounced Blessings Fall/Winter Line
Spend Some Time With The Grands
Attend College Registration With My Baby Boy
Ship My First Item For Product Review At Mom2MemphisAndRuby
Clean Up & Organize My Desk Area
Catch Up On My Filing
Install Software I Purchased Over A Month Ago
Swap Out Spring/Summer Fabric & Replace With Fall/Winter

I Have Accomplished Much - -
Most Of Which Is Not On The List!

Monday, I Was Visited By A Broken-Hearted Young Lady.
Struggling To Find Purpose, Self-Worth, Confidence,
And Personal Success.
She Is A Bright Young Lady -
Who Will Study Sonography, Upon Entering College,
In The Fall.
While She Is Experiencing Some Typical Teenage Angst
(aka boyfriend issues)
There Is More...Her Eyes & Her Tears Tell It All
Fear, Loneliness, Lack Of Self-Confidence,
And A Deep Desire For Success.

I Am No Psychiatrist - That's For Sure, But - 
When A 17-Year-Old Child Looks You In The Eye And Says . . .

"No One In My Family Has Ever Been A Success -
They Don't Have Good Jobs, Hobbies or Interests."

Well, You Can't Ignore That!
No Way - No How!
In The Car - Directly To Hobby Lobby!

We Walked The Aisles For Nearly Two Hours.
I Pointed Out Components For Various Crafts & Creations
Explaining The Possible Use & Answering Questions.

More Than Once She Asked,
"If I Make That Will People Buy It?".
I Finally Stopped, Turned & Said - 
"Honey, We Are Looking For Something You Will Enjoy -
That Is The Only Requirement For What You Select!"
"It's About Stepping Out Of Your Norm,
Reaching For Something New -
Creating Your Own Success Factor.
If You Don't Enjoy These,
You Try A Different Project Next Time -
This Is All About YOU!"

When We Departed Hobby Lobby,
She Had 2 Wooden Frames, A Dimensional Cross,
And A Die-Cut Initial,
A Set Of Starter Brushes, A Few Embellishment Items, Several Bottles Of Acrylic Paints,
A Cute Carry/Storage Caddy, A Smile & A Glimmer Of Hope.

Crafting May Not Be The Path To Financial Success,
But It Is A Direct Route To . . . 
A Busy Mind, Productive Hands,
And A Sense Of Personal Accomplishment & Success.

Tuesday Afternoon, I Received A Pic Message, Simply Captioned...
Primer Coat Complete.

Followed By A Text That Read,
"I Think I Will Go Shopping While They Dry."

Wednesday Afternoon, The Picture Revealed
A Multi-Colored Cross And Two Frames Sporting Bright, Uplifting Colors.
The Tone Of This "Newborn" Crafter Was Brighter, Lighter & Sprinkled With A Tiny Bit Of Optimism!

I Can't Wait To See All Four Of Her Completed Pieces!

Meanwhile, I Have Accomplished A Few Items On My List -
Package Shipped - Seasonal Fabrics Swapped
Baby Boy's College Registration
And I Am Still Hopeful For Some Time With The Grands!

It's Okay Though, I Did Something Far More Important -

I Shared Myself -
What Crafting & Creating Has Meant To Me!
Sometimes A Path To Peace Of Mind,

Sometimes A Personal Success Factor,
Sometimes A Source Of Needed Income,
Sometimes A Definition Of My Inner-Self,
But Always A Source Of Happiness & Joy!

I Don't Know How This Young Woman's Love Life Will Turn Out!
I Pray That Someday, Like Me,

She Will Discover Her Prince Charming,
The One God Created Especially For Her,
Whoever That May Be.

I Don't Know If She Will Be A Lifetime Crafter Or
An Occasional Glue Gun Princess.
I Pray That She Will Remember The Sense Of Accomplishment
Those Simple Pieces Brought To Her Heart.
And That She Will Carry That With Her Always!

Nothing On A To-Do List Is Ever More Important Than Reaching Out To Hurting Soul!

I Pray That God Will Help ME Remember That Simple Truth,
When I Get All Wrapped Up In MY "Goals"
And MY "To-Do" List.
I Pray That He Will Continue To Send Me Signs & Events That Will Cause Me To Pause,
Remember What The Great Creator Has Instructed Us To Do...
Reach Out, Show Compassion & Take Action.
Even When It Means An Unfinished To-Do List.

Today, I Am Feeling So Thankful For This Young Lady,
Her Trials & Tribulations Created An Opportunity For Me To Take Inventory Of My Soul.
She Brought To Me Cause To Reflect & Recall All The Joy Crafting & Creating Has Brought To My Life
And The Lives Of Those Around Me!
Accomplishment, Friendship, Sharing & Support
I Have Been Blessed To Enjoy All These
Through My Love Of Creating.
I Hope Crafting, Creating & Decorating Have Brought Blessings To Your Life, As Well.

I Would Be Honored If You Left A Comment
Sharing A Blessing That You Have Received From Your Crafting & Creating Endeavors

For Now, I'm Gonna Check That To-Do List . . . 
My Heart Is Full Of Joy & Energy,

I Bet I Can Mark A Thing Or Two Off!

Remember Keep Bouncing!
There Is Almost Always An Opportunity To Bounce A Bless Around Every Corner!



  1. Julia thank you for sharing this blessing!! You have reminded me what it's all about!! I can't wait to get my garage (aka craft room) complete. You have inspired me to do what I do best...create!!

    Thanks again for bouncing your blessing my way!!
    Love ya!


  2. Kim...
    Thanks so much for the response!
    Don't wait. . . drag that stuff out and get those hands busy!
    I can honestly say, I am never more at peace than when creating...there is time for prayer, reflection, planning, and more!
    Glad You Enjoyed The Post - Hope You Will Check In Often!
    Bouncing Blessings & Love To You Every Day!

  3. What a heart warming post :)

    Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life ;) I know that the sweet heart that you speak of will go far in life... She has drive.... We aren't the people we grow up with, we are us. I have never, not one single time, let looking back affect what God has laid out before me. I pray that she will do the same! Sometimes we just need someone to hold our hand while we get there.... She is very lucky to have you :)


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