Friday, July 20, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions . . .

I Have Done A Lot Of Talking About
Fall/Winter Design Roll Out!
I Am So Excited To Share, With You, The Many Styles To Be Offered By Bounced Blessings!

There Have Been A Few Sneak Peeks Along The Way!

Like The "RUBY" Maxi Dress
From Clinnie's Closet By Bounced Blessings. . . .

And The Sarah Louise Designs By Bounced Blessings
Ladies Maxi . . . 

There Are So Many More On The Table. . . 
Not To Mention, Those That
Drift Around In My Distracted Mind!
I Can't Wait To Share Them All!

Alas, Show Season Is Rolling Toward Me
At The Speed Of An Out Of Control Freight Train
Which Means I Am Feeling The Pressure To Create A Large Quantity Of On-Hand Inventory.

Just Look At That Crowd . . .2011 Southern Fried Festival
I Am Scheduled As A Vendor, The Last Week Of September
This Seems The Right Place To Review An Important Goal . . .
Build Enough On-Line Clientele To Eliminate The Show Circuit.
I Love A Good Festival,
But I Prefer To Attend With Prince Charming As One Of Those
Goofy Middle-Aged Shopper/Spectator Couples.

All The While, My First Product Review, On A Major Blog
Is Coming Up Within The Next 30 Days.
(Remember, The Earlier Post -Tests Scare Me!)
Which Means, MY BLOG Needs Attention -
As A Matter-Of-Fact,
Extreme Life-Saving Measures Might Be In Order!

So I Have Devised A Plan. . .
~Sew, Sew, Sew - Create, Create, Create
~Share Along The Way vs. A Big Splashy Roll-Out
~Offer Pre-Orders For Fall/Winter Designs
After All, Who Has Space For Next Season's Clothing?
~Make A Conscious Effort To Share What Makes Bounced Blessings
Unique & Worthy Of Your Hard Earned Pennies
~And Last But Not Least, As Always...Work On Improving My Photography Skills!

Oh!  One More Thing . . .
Having Raised Three Children On A Fireman's Salary
I Have Come To One Other Conclusion. . .
Custom Created, Trendy, & High Quality Children's Clothing
Should & Can Be Practical & Affordable!

So What Do You Think Of My Plan?
Will It Work?  Will It Help Bounced Blessings To Grow?
Most Importantly, Will It Help Me Better Serve The Families Who Support Bounced Blessings?

Are You An On-Line Consumer, An On-Line Retailer, An On-Line Artist?
I Would Love To Hear What You Think And Always Appreciate Suggestions!

For Now - I Gotta Bounce!
I Will Be Back Soon To See What Thoughts You Shared - 
So, Don't Forget To Leave Me A Comment!
Remember, Keep Bouncing!

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