Monday, July 30, 2012

It's A Big Day!!!

It's A Big Day Here In My Little Corner Of The World!

My Very First Sidebar Ad Is Appearing On
One Of My Favorite Blogs

Lena's blog was one of the first blog's I began reading when I originally entered the blogging community, as a stalker.
I was, and continue to be, drawn to her style.
Her photography makes me insanely envious
and her openness makes her my kinda gal!

As If That Is Not Exciting Enough . . .

In Her Post From Yesterday,
Lena's Precious Daughter, Ruby, Can Be Seen Wearing
An Oh So Cute Maxi Dress, Created By....
Guess Who????
If You Said, Clinnie's Closet by Bounced Blessings,
You Are Spot On!

My journey into blogging and on-line sales began in January
but, is only now beginning to take shape.
It is my prayer that the Fall/Winter 2012 Clothing Line
will be the catalyst for many future Bounced Blessings!

I still love my vintage finds and will always make them available in the etsy store and on Facebook
but, I can now see the Bounced Blessings clothing lines coming together~
And For That I Am So Thankful & Blessed!

I Appreciate Each & Everyone Of You Who Take The Time To Support Bounced Blessings Through Your Encouragement, Comments, & Prayers!
You Are Each A Blessing That Has Bounced My Way!

Keep Bouncing!



  1. Newest follower, found you from Mom2MephisAndRuby's tweet! :) Hope you'll stop by my blog & say hi!


    1. Sara. . . Thanks so very much for "bouncing" over from Mom2MemphisAndRuby's Place. I Visited Your Blog, giggled more than three times before I was half way through the home page (my follower test - must stir emotion)...You're My Kinda Lady! I Will Be Visiting Often & Hope To See You Around, As Bounced Blessings Grows & Takes Shape! Who Knows Maybe Someday Miss A Will Wear One Of My Creations ;-)
      For Now - - - I Gotta Go Try On Some New "Virtual" Eyeglasses! Gotta Bounce!


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