Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't You Buy Your Supplies At Goodwill & Walgreens????

On Wednesday evening, a sweet friend, and local store owner, telephoned to share a bit of project inspiration.
After sharing her vision, I felt I had a grip on what type of finished item she had in her mind's eye.

So . . . I hit the ground running . . .
First stop - Goodwill . . . My Goal - Large Frame With Some Detail.


I failed to photograph this frame it it's original state - Burgundy, Black & Gold In Color
Nasty Glass & Cheesy Paper Collage Mat
Covered In A Film I Believe to Be VERY OLD Dust & Grim

Next Stop - Walgreen's . . . Poster Size Foam Board.
Again . . . SUCCESS!

All that is remaining is a return to the My Kingdom to convert this idea to reality!

Step 1)  Strip everything from the frame
Step 2) Grab the Spray Paint from the Cupboard
Step 3) Smile at My Prince Charming
Step 4) Continuing Smiling and Behaving Graciously as He Paints The Frame
Step 5) Cut the Foam Board to Frame Size
Step 6) Give Prince Charming A Quick Kiss
Step 7) Cover The Foam Board With Burlap Using Spray Adhesive
Step 8) Stencil Design Onto Covered Board
Step 9) Insert & Secure Board Into Frame & Attach Embellishments
Step 10) Give Prince Charming A Thank You Kiss

And BAM . . . .

Isn't That The Sweetest Memo Board, Ever!!!!!
Best of All I Only Made Two Quick Shopping Stops!
Goodwill & Walgreens!

Just 10 Easy-Peasy Steps
You Can Even Leave Out Steps #3, 6 & 10
But Only If Your Prince Charming Is Not Cooperating!

And As An Added Bonus . . .

There Were Two Frames, of this style!
How Fun Is That????

Here are few more photos for your viewing pleasure!


Make Your Own, E-Mail Bounced Blessings, or visit Junk 'N' The Trunk To Order One!
You Choose The Color Combination - Frames May Vary According To Availability

Either Way, I Hope You Enjoy This Project.

I Love It When You Stop By For A Visit & Always Appreciate Comments!

For Now, I Gotta Bounce!

See Ya Soon!

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