Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Save The Scraps . . . Just In Case!

I am terribly stingy with my fabric scraps.
I guess that is something I learned from my grandmother & mother.
They always held on to the tiniest of scraps. . . "just in case". 
In case of what, I'm still not sure but, I continue to hold on to mine, as well.
You Know, "Just In Case"!

During Sunday's Super Bowl I continually rotated between. . . 

The T.V.
(Sorry No Pictures of The Game)

The Kitchen

and My Sewing Studio
(aka the dining room table)

The result was an exciting Super Bowl Ending,
Some Yummy Food for the Residents of the Kingdom,
And (insert breath holding anticipation). . . .


A Beautifully Romantic Neck Roll!
Created from Linen & A Vintage Lace Table Topper!

Alas, there were scraps, so I saved them. . . "Just In Case"

Sometime later, while visiting the many wonderful blogs available to an inspiration junkie, like myself,
I came across the blog of a sweet young military wife!
She is just cute as punch and had the perfect tutorial to set my mind racing!

So, Up from the Ashes and Despair of the Rag Bag Rose This Incredible Creation....
ehhh, maybe that was a bit strong - let me try again...

Using the neck roll scraps and the inspiration of
I Created This . . . 


I Don't Know About You, But This "Little Precious" Nearly Gives Me A Case Of The Vapors!
Not Sure Where It Will End Up - But When I Decided It Will Be An Incredible Accent, Don't You Think?

Well, That's All I Got For Now - I Gotta Bounce!
Hoping You All Have A Blessed Day - Remember To Bounce A Blessing Every Chance Ya Get!


  1. Thanks, My Dear Sweet Friend!
    It is Pretty but Not As Beautiful As You Have Been To Me!
    Bouncing Blessings of Appreciation Your Way!


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