Friday, February 17, 2012

It's Been A Week!!!!

Wow . . . This Week Has Been A DOOZIE!!!!!

Thought I would take a minute to review the parts I can recall the memorable moments!

Monday . .
Yea, can't really remember Monday :-(

Tuesday . . . 
First, Came the Call From Our Real Estate Agent
(she is in Louisiana on vacation)
Offer is Coming From Buyer in Texas - I should watch my e-mail.

Next, I discovered a Brand New Friend Over at Shabby Junque Couture
What A Blessing She Bounced My Way!
It Hit So Hard It Made My Head Spin, She is Just Awesome . . .
Head on Over & Tell Her Hello!

Of Course, We Can't Overlook the Valentine's Festivities of the Day . . .
Prince Charming, Never Misses An Opportunity To Spoil Me!!!
Yellow Roses Are My Favorite . . . 
There is Something So Gentle & Calm, About Them!
Pair These Beautiful Flowers With Bagel Bites & Frozen Marie Callender's,
You Have The Perfect Celebration For Old Married People Like Us!

Awwww. . . . Fear Not . . . 
Our House Had It's Fair Share Of Lovey-Dovey "Goings-On"
Travis, My Youngest Prince, Celebrated With His Princess, Malia.
Heart-Shaped Pizza, Cinnamon Sticks w/ Icing, Stuffed Animals & Candy!
Ain't Young Love Grand!!!!!


Wednesday . . . 
Still No Real Estate Contract!!!!!
I Head Out the Door With A Long List of Errands, But . . . 
My Constant Companion, Galaxy Samsung Tablet, Refuses to Turn On!
I Head to the Verizon Store Where the "Nice & Helpful" Young Man Gives Me That
"Poor 'Ol Lady, You Are So Stupid" Expression.
Fifteen Minutes Later He Smiles & Hands Me The Tablet . . .
"Good As New"
I Look At The Screen . . .
"Where Are My App Icons?"   "My Memos & Notes?"
"My Fire Department Shift Calendar?"
Panic Begins to Bubble In My Chest . . . "Stay Calm, Stay Calm"
OH NO . . . NO. . . NO!!!!!! (Silent Wretching Scream From My Chest)
I Look Up With Hope & Pleading In My Eyes, and Whisper To Him . . .
"My Calendar?"
He smiles that dumb, innocent teenage smile of satisfaction & achievement and responds,
"Prolly Not But, I Saved Your Pictures!"
When You Are 17 Pictures Maybe What's Important But,
When You Are 47, Over 30, What You Need To Know Is When Your Drs. Appts Are Scheduled ;-)
Well, No Need To Stand Around and Pout . . . 
I Did Pout A Bit But, Only A Bit ;-)

I accomplished several mundane, routine errand chores before landing at one of the sweetest haven's in the area . . . 

There is Never A Shortage of Love, Compassion, Encouragement or Blessings at Junk 'N' The Trunk!
Their Precious Items and Inspiring Decor Are Always A Pick-Me-Up!
Of course, I Didn't Leave Empty Handed - 
I Can't Wait To Get Started On The Bridal Board!!!!!

FINALLY . . . .
Contract Arrives . . . Let the Negotiations Begin!

Thursday . . . 
Early Morning Cardiologist Appointment With Dad
Followed By Potentially Stressful "Group" Review of Contract Offer.
Prince Charming Did A Great Job Reviewing The Contract With Pa
We Prepared & Transmitted A Counter Offer
(Remember, Our Agent is Out-of-State)

Next . . . Assist The Youngest Prince In Delivering The Jeans He Collected For The DoSomething.Org & Aeropostale


This Is A Flashback Photo . . . 
The Young Prince Posing With The Trash Can Bin He Decorated For Donation Collection At The Local Sporting Goods Store,
Hendersonville Sporting Goods.

A Big Shout Out To Ms. Kim Smith, For All Her Help At HSG!!!!
I Gotta Tell Ya . . .
It Does A Momma Good To See Her "Baby" Bouncing Blessings!

Enter My Prince Charming On His White Horse In His Blue Dodge Pick-Up
He Drove Me All Over Town To Finish The Errands I Didn't Complete
He Even Took Me To Buy Fabric!
"He's My Prince!!!"

Received Acceptance of The Counter Offer Within 6 HOURS!!!!

I Headed Upstairs For Good Soaking Bath . . . 
Prince Charming Built A Fire - Set-up My Family Room Crafting Station
Made A Fresh Pitcher Of Tea!

Does It Get Any Better??????   NOOOOOT!

This Morning, I Am Finally Getting Some Production Time, at the Work Table, while Prince Charming Chauffeurs Pa To View Potential New Dwellings!!!!

Well, That's My Week In A Nutshell . . . Crazy As It Is . . .
It Is Still Filled With Blessings
And I Plan To Bounce Them To Anyone I Can!

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