Friday, February 10, 2012

Treasures From The Home

Did you notice I added a few things to the Treasures Section?

Yep, That's my Ballerina by Universal Potteries!
I just love seeing these pieces sitting proudly in the bay window.
The precious rose design is just so sweet and girly.
For a closer look, hop over to Treasures, you can find a few close-ups.

Sharing the "kingdom" with 3 males makes me a bit protective of the feminine places in the "castle"
Let me show you what I mean . . . 

Thanks to the decorating skill of my friend, Gina, over at Junk 'N' The Trunk
I can escape to a purely feminine place whenever I feel the need!

With an atrium door at one end and a huge bay window at the other,
the natural light is magnificent!

As an added bonus there are several pieces that bring me an especially warm feeling. . .

Kidney-Shaped Vanity turned Desk is the Very First Piece My Prince Charming Painted For Me.
Corner Cabinet is From My Maternal Grandmother's Dining Room.
(That's Where She Kept The Good Dishes)
Side Table/Cabinet is the First Piece of Furniture My Mother Bought As A Young Woman, in the Late 1940's.

I still need to paint the Davis Display Cabinet (Photo #1)
and the Fireplace Surround
(I'll show you that another time)
But, like so much of my life . . . It's always a work in progress!

Speaking of work. . . 
This prep table is full of special orders that are screaming for completion!
So, I'm Gonna Bounce, For Now!

Hope You Enjoyed The Glimpse Into My Kingdom!

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  1. I just love this room soooo much! So pretty :)

  2. Thank You - Thank You!

    Gina added all the right touches when she came for my Decorating 911 visit!

    It is a girl's haven . . . my fellow kingdom dwellers are not so prone to spending time there, but that's okay.

    It's all for me anyway!!!!


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